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Are Breast Implants Dangerous?

Breast augmentation has become the easiest and most effective way to enhance their physical appearance and boost self-esteem for many women. This is a cosmetic plastic surgery that involves placing breast implants under your breast tissue or chest muscles. However, some people have been skeptical about the safety of breast implants.

The truth is that breast implants have their share of benefits and risks. Therefore, before you get breast implants, it is important to know how they work and if there are any risks involved. This article tells you everything you need to know about breast implants.

What Are Breast Implants?

A breast implant is a prosthesis designed to augment a breast by increasing its size, shape, and outline. Although breast implants are commonly used in cosmetic plastic surgery, they have also become an integral part of reconstructive plastic surgery. In this type of surgery, breast implants help to restore natural-looking breasts following a mastectomy, correct congenital defects of the chest wall, and cosmetically enlarge the appearance of breasts through breast augmentation.

Currently, there are four types of breast implants, defined by their filler materials: silicone gel, structured, composite, and saline solution. A silicone gel breast implant is made of an elastomer silicone shell that has been pre-filled with viscous silicone gel, while a saline solution implant has an elastomer silicone shell that is filled with sterile saline solution during surgery.

A structured breast implant uses nested elastomer silicone shells and two saline-filled lumens, while the alternative composite implant uses miscellaneous fillers, including soy oil and polypropylene string.

Are Breast Implants Safe?

Studies have shown that there isn’t a significant difference in the safety of the four types of breast implants. But each type of implant has its benefits and risks. There is also enough scientific evidence to prove that breast implants are safe. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued guidelines advising people considering breast implants to ensure they get detailed information about the potential risks and health complications that can occur.

It is also important to mention that there have been several public concerns about universal symptoms related to breast implants. These symptoms are commonly referred to as breast implant illnesses, and they include fatigue, memory problems, and joint pain. Some patients have reported significant improvement and relief of these illnesses after removing their breast implants.

Other potential risks of breast implants include rupture, infection, pain, hardening, and the need for additional surgery. If you have further questions about the safety of breast implants, talk to Associates in Plastic Surgery immediately.