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Breast Augmentation in Virginia Beach

Breast augmentation is a procedure that enlarges and reshapes the breasts with the use of breast implants. This procedure offers women the ability to address breast size and dissatisfaction by increasing fullness and projection of the breasts by improving the balance of the figure, which ultimately enhances self-image and self-confidence. Choose Associates in Plastic Surgery for more natural-looking and fuller results. Our plastic surgeons have decades of experience in the Virginia community.

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Choose The Breast Implants That Suit Your Body

There are many types and styles of breast implants currently available for breast augmentation. These include low, moderate, or high projection implants, smooth or textured surface implants, silicone or saline implants, round or teardrop (anatomical) implants and almost any combination of the above-listed varieties. We can help you choose the implant best suited to your particular needs. These implants are often placed behind the breast tissue and the pectoralis major muscle.

Silicone filled implants are again available for breast augmentation after years of testing to support their safety. They offer the advantage of improved softness and less wrinkling. However, the results with respect to the appearance of the breast after surgery, whether the breast is augmented with silicone or saline implants, is similar.

Visit Us For An Initial Consultation

Upon your first visit our office, you will be given all the necessary information about breast augmentation. You will meet the doctor of your choice: Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Alspaugh or Dr. Denk and they will examine you, advise you, and answer all of your questions. You then have the opportunity to try on different implant sizers to help you choose the most appropriate volume for your goals. We provide implants of various sizes that are placed within the bra cup in an effort to estimate the appropriate size implant for your surgery. It is helpful to bring clothing that accentuates your figure to try on over the implant sizers.

Featuring The Ideal Implant™

At Associates in Plastic Surgery, we offer the Ideal Implant™ to our patients. Learn more about these types of implants by downloading this Ideal Implant brochure! Check out a few of our Ideal Implant before and after photos by clicking here

Introducing the Keller Funnel for breast implants

We also offer the use of the Keller Funnel™ for breast augmentation procedures involving silicone gel implants.

In 2009, the Keller Funnel™ was introduced to advance the technique of breast augmentation procedures across the nation. The Keller Funnel is a new implant delivery strategy that allows for gentle and quick delivery of silicone gel implants for patients receiving a breast augmentation. This strategy allows surgeons to deliver implants with ease, while implementing a No-Touch technique, providing a safer, more effective insertion process. The ‘No-Touch’ technique maintains a higher level sterilization, which minimizes any risks or complications associated with breast augmentation, including infections.

The Keller Funnel also makes it easier for surgeons to visualize and place the implant before the insertion. The clear, cone-shaped device has a hydrophilic coating interior, providing a slick, low friction interface. This interior supports a gentle past through the Keller Funnel.

The Keller Funnel strategy means better breast implant placements, lower risk of infection and less recovery time. At Associates in Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, we dedicate ourselves to providing the most advanced technical strategies to improve our practice and enhance our patient satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about this revolutionary technique and what benefits it has to offer.

The Keller Funnel™ offers a no-touch delivery technique, learn more by visiting the Keller Funnel Website.

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