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Breast Reduction in Virginia Beach

Women with large breasts often experience physical complications due to the weight of their breasts. Common symptoms are upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain due to pressure from the brassiere straps, and rashes that develop in the creases of the breasts. It is quite difficult for a large breasted woman to find properly fitted and comfortable clothing. During athletic activity, excessive breast tissue can become an embarrassment for a woman due to uncontrollable breast motion. Women with the preceding symptoms are good candidates for breast reduction surgery.

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Pleasing Results

Women undergoing breast reduction are, in general, very pleased with the results. A breast reduction not only improves their body image, but also relieves the many bothersome physical complications. Many women often take this boost in their physical appearance as a stimulus to carry out more aggressive programs of weight loss and exercise.

For some patients, reduction mammoplasty is covered by medical health insurance. However, if insurance coverage is denied or not available, this procedure can be accomplished at our operating center more cost effectively than at a hospital. Also, younger women will be pleased to know that in the majority of cases, breast-feeding after the surgery is possible and nipple sensation is maintained.

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