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Arm Lifts in Virginia Beach

Unfortunately, no amount of exercise or muscle strengthening will tighten the appearance of excess sagging skin and fat along the upper arms. Due to aging or drastic weight loss, a person’s arms develop the appearance of “bat wings”, or unwanted skin and fat extending from underneath the upper arms to the lateral chest. In these situations, an arm lift (brachioplasty) can give a more well-toned appearance by removing skin and fat redundancies. In less severe cases, liposuction alone can work wonders in firming the arm. So if you want to be comfortable and look great wearing sleeveless blouses, come in for a consultation, where we will determine which procedure will best suit your needs.

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A Revolutionary Way to Manage Scars

Liposuction of the back and waist are usually performed in conjunction with liposuction of the abdomen, as well as other areas. Fatty deposits (bulges) on the back respond well to liposuction in patients of all ages. The best results are achieved in patients 45 years of age and younger, due to their increased skin elasticity. Older patients also achieve good results, depending on their skin’s elasticity and the areas to be liposuctioned.

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