Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

At Associates In Plastic Surgery

Below are some common questions we receive from prospective patients about their surgery. You can use this resource as a guide in helping you make informed decisions. As always, please consult with a licensed physician to make sure you are healthy enough for any cosmetic procedure.

There appears to be small blisters or pimples near my incision. Should I be concerned?
Should I remove the tape/Steri-strips from my incision?
When can I drive?
May I exercise?
Should I use ice?
May I take Motrin or Tylenol in conjunction with my prescription of pain medication?
May I swim in a pool, the ocean or get into a hot tub?
How soon may I shower or bathe? May I use soap or shower gels?
How many people undergo cosmetic surgery each year?
Is surgery performed under general or local anesthesia?
What is the recovery from cosmetic surgery like?
If a patient has a heart condition, is general anesthesia safe?
What parts of the body do you do Plastic Surgery on?
How long does it take for an operation?
What are the risks?
What are the most common surgeries?
Will it be covered by my medical insurance?
Does a person's voice change after rhinoplasty (nose surgery)?
What is the difference between Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery?
How long does it take to recover from Reconstructive surgery?
What procedures are considered reconstructive surgery?
Does plastic surgery avoid scars after the operation. Is it true?
What are the specialized areas of Plastic surgery?
What should I expect during a consultation for a body lift?
How do I know what size breast implant is right for me?
What type of bra may I wear?

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