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Mini Facelifts in Virginia Beach

For many women, laxity of the neck, the loss of a clean jaw line, and the development of jowls signify the aging process. Many women may still feel vivacious and energetic; however, their aged appearance does not represent their inner energy and vitality. The mini facelift is best suited for women who seek to improve their appearance and turn back the clock.
For these reasons, techniques have been developed that involve a limited anesthetic, limited incisions, and shorter recovery. We believe that these procedures are similar to surgical procedures that have been advertised under such marketing labels as the “Lifestyle Lift®” and the “Quick Lift”, etc.

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What is the “Lifestyle Lift®”?

The “Lifestyle Lift®” is advertised nationally in magazines and television, you can learn more about their advertising here. We, at Associates in Plastic Surgery, believe in offering an equivalent or improved outcome to the “Lifestyle Lift®” with our techniques for a similar or lesser fee. We are so confident in this, that for a more comprehensive procedure, we will match any fee quoted by a “Lifestyle Lift®” physician.
Not all patients are good candidates for this limited procedure. For those that are good candidates, they can anticipate a relatively rapid return to their active lifestyle and a dramatic improvement in their appearance and their sense of well-being.