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Breast Augmentation & Lift in Virginia Beach

Sooner or later, many women are unhappy with the shape, size or position of their breasts. Breasts may have changed for a number of reasons, including breastfeeding or aging. Whatever the case, you may wish to consider breast augmentation with a lift, performed by surgeons of Associates in Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach.

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What is a Breast Augmentation with Lift?

Women from ages 18 and up choose to undergo breast augmentation. If you have breast asymmetry from birth, lack of proportional development, and loss of volume after having babies, or saggy breasts due to gravity, you may be a good candidate. A consultation will determine your eligibility.
Augmentation mammoplasty, or breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase or correct the size, shape or fullness of the breasts. To enlarge the breasts, your surgeon will place silicone, saline or alternative composite breast implants under the chest muscles or breast tissue. Your own fat may also be transferred to the breast.
Breast augmentation takes about an hour and you will be under general anesthesia so you can sleep comfortably through the surgery. Most patients fear the surgery will leave significant scars, and to avoid this, our surgeons will carefully close your incisions with stitches placed beneath the skin, which leaves very fine scars that are barely noticeable. The sutures will not have to be removed; they will completely dissolve.
There are many different types and designs of implants, and we will help you choose the right option for your personal goals. During your consultation our surgeons will explain many surgical options, including:
  • Saline or silicone gel implants
  • Different shapes of implants such as round or teardrop
  • Two placement options: above or below the muscle
  • Different choices for incision location: under the breast where it meets the chest wall, or at the edge of the areola

How long is recovery from breast augmentation with lift?

Most women are able to return to activities with restrictions between 24–48 hours. While you recover, you’ll need to stop physical activity for at least two weeks after surgery. You should also avoid heavy lifting following your procedure. You can resume normal activities and sports, usually in four weeks.
After breast augmentation, you should expect to feel tired and to have breast pain. This is normal. You will be given an oral painkiller to ease you through the first few days after surgery.

Breast Augmentation & Lift Before & After Photos