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What To Know About Breast Reconstruction – Cancer Awareness Month

What To Know About Breast Reconstruction – Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and as Plastic Surgeons, it is our privilege to consult with women who are fighting breast cancer. By learning their stories and helping them to regain confidence after undergoing treatments such as mastectomies, we have developed a deep sense of respect for the women who come to us seeking breast reconstruction surgery.

Not every woman will choose to have breast reconstruction after cancer treatment, and this decision is a very personal one. Some patients will delay reconstruction for months or years while others will want to have it done immediately.  For those who do opt for surgery, patients often have similar questions. In this blog, we will briefly talk about what options are available and what women can expect during their treatment.

What can I expect?

Each case is different. The technique and procedures that will be required for a breast reconstruction will depend on your individual diagnosis and situation. Our plastic surgeons will work with you to determine how we can best help you regain your confidence following your cancer treatment.

Are there options to help me get back to feeling “normal” after a mastectomy?

There are two main options for breast reconstruction. Women can opt to have reconstruction using a flap of their own tissue, or they may choose to have reconstruction using a breast implant. It’s important to know that while breast reconstruction rebuilds the breast, it won’t be exactly the same as it was before the mastectomy. Your surgeon can discuss which approach is best for you.

What technology is available to help women seeking breast reconstruction?

Reconstruction of the breasts has come a long way. There are implants that feel more natural than ever before, including gel implants and structured saline implants.

Technology such as the AeroForm tissue expander can offer you the opportunity to “try” different implant sizes and take back some control. The AeroForm tissue expander is an alternative to injecting saline to create a “pocket” in which an implant can be placed.

Our practice is actually the first to use the AeroForm tissue expander and many patients find it more comfortable to use than previous technology.

Although nipple reconstruction is available to women after breast mound reconstruction, many patients are choosing 3-dimensional tattoo techniques to restore a more natural appearance.

Our goal is to educate women about their options and help them feel comfortable in their bodies. To any women who are bravely fighting breast cancer, we are cheering you on. To the women who have won their fight, we are in awe of your strength and resilience.

Women and Plastic Surgeons have many choices when it comes to breast reconstruction. The skill, experience, and willingness of your Plastic Surgeon to educate you about your choices is important. Our role is to provide patients with accurate and credible information and to help you choose the option that is most pleasing to you.

If you are considering a breast reconstruction or any type of cosmetic breast surgery, it’s best to receive careful consultation of all options to help determine the appropriate course of treatment. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!