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What Does It Mean for a Surgeon to Be Board-Certified?

When you are looking for a surgeon, what do you consider? Most people are only worried about the doctor’s fee and other medical expenses. They forget to check the doctor’s credentials and certification, which are very important. A reputable surgeon has to have a number of certificates, one of which is issued by The American Board of Surgery. Basically, board certification is an important credential that every medical doctor should achieve in order to demonstrate their level of expertise in their area of specialization. The good thing about this certification is that it can be obtained from different boards.

Board certification shows that the surgeon has undergone further training in their field of expertise. It also means that they have a higher level of skill in that area and are more qualified to perform complex surgeries compared to non-certified surgeons. However, board certification is not the same as medical licensure. While it is a legal requirement for every surgeon and medical doctor in the U.S to have a valid practicing license, it is optional to have board certification. It is also important to note that details of a board certificate differ from one board to another. Nonetheless, there are several important rudiments that a surgeon has to fulfil before they can obtain a certificate from the board.

First of all, the surgeon must have graduated from a recognized medical school after completing a postgraduate residency training program, which typically takes 5 to 6 years. This program involves the provision of medical care under the attending MD’s supervision. The aim of undergoing this program is to build experience in the surgical specialty. Another important requirement is to have a valid license to practice medicine in your state. The surgeon is also required to document a particular number of patients they have operated on as proof of experience.

The board will also do background checks on the surgeon to make sure they have no criminal record. Lastly, the surgeon must pass board examinations that are both written and oral. Some boards, such as the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), require surgeons to complete further fellowship training for one year or longer to acquire the needed experience. When you are looking for a board-certified surgeon, make sure the certificate they have relates to their area of specialty. For instance, if you want a surgeon to do a breast lift, they should have a certificate from the relevant cosmetic surgery board.