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Vein Removal Treatments in Virginia Beach

Many patients suffer from unwanted spider veins or small red, blue or purple veins that appear on the thighs, calves, and ankles. Spider veins on the legs can be caused by a number of factors, including hereditary, hormones, pregnancy, and weight fluctuation. At Restoration Medspa, we offer a selection of vein removal treatments.

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What are Vein Removal Treatments?

There are two popular treatments for vein removal: Sclerotherapy and Laser Vein Removal. These treatments are done to eliminate or diminish the appearance of spider veins on the legs, calves, and ankles.

Who is a good candidate for Vein Removal Treatments?

A consultation is necessary in determining if these treatments are a good match for you. In general, good candidates include patients who are unhappy or self-conscious of their spider veins and who have realistic goals for the outcome of their procedure.

What can I expect from Vein Removal Treatments?

Sclerotherapy: During this treatment, a special sclerosing solution will be injected into the treatment veins. This solution irritates the inside of the vein, which causes it to collapse. Multiple injections are often needed to collapse multiple spider veins. Laser Vein Removal: During laser vein removal, an intense beam of light is precisely directed at the spider vein, eliminating it through the skin. The laser will not harm any surrounding tissues. More than one laser session is often needed to accomplish desired results.

How long is recovery from Vein Removal Treatments?

Following your vein removal treatment, the treatment areas many appear bruised and you may experience some cramping in your legs for the first few days. Patients will be instructed to wear support hose to help ensure optimal healing. You will be provided with specific recovery instructions following your treatment, and it is important that you follow these instructions to reduce the risk of complications. Patients should expect to see full results after two months. If you are interested in vein removal treatments, contact us today to schedule your consultation.