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In May of 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After discussing my options with my surgeon, I decided to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction. Dr. John Alspaugh was highly recommended to perform the reconstruction. After my initial meeting with Dr. Alspaugh, I felt very comfortable with his professionalism and compassion. After two surgeries for reconstruction, I am very pleased with the work that Dr. Alspaugh has done for me. So much so, I had him perform an eye lift surgery or blepharoplasty. It too was very successful. I would highly recommend Dr. Alspaugh to anyone.DL, VA Beach, VA (2013)


Just wanted to say thank you so much for your willingness to make my reconstruction as pleasant as possible. You have definately gone out of your way to make me happy, and you continue to do so.Thank you also for all your patience. It is nice to know I have such a caring surgeon.

TC (2013)

jacobs1When I had my breast augmentation, the one thing I was dreading was the pain and discomfort after having the procedure. [The doctor] told me about Exparel, a pain management analgesic and I opted to use it. Well, it was unbelievable. I was not in any pain after the procedure. I could not believe it. [The doctor did a great job and with Exparel my recovery was a breeze!”JG (2013)

alspaughnewI want to say thank you to Dr. Alspaugh and his staff for the amazing care I received while recently undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Everyone was so warm and kind and took the time to answer all of my questions. I was expecting to be in a lot of pain after my surgery, but Dr Alspaugh utilized a new product called Exparel during my procedure and I was shocked at how good I felt after surgery. I hardly took any pain meds and was back to work in 5 days with very little discomfort! I am very pleased with my results and fast recovery,and highly recommend Dr Alspaugh to all my friends!!KH (2013)

denkI just attended the 50th reunion of the high school I attended at my last office visit, I told Dr. Denk how the surgeries he did gave me the courage to face my friends 50yrs after my high school graduation.Dr. Denk is a master artist in helping one feel better about themselves. He’s careful & not extreme in his surgeries. Pick a time & schedule an appointment if you have an area that needs help. He & his staff are wonderful.

ER of Norfolk, VA (2013)

jacobs1Dr. Jacobs and his entire staff have been so helpful throughout my surgery – I went into his office with a mind set of fear and came out of his office so relieved. His advice and attention was beyond helpful. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone just thinking about improving themselves. KL (2015)

When I heard about Coolsculpting I wasn’t sure it really worked as well as I was told. After the treatment I was amazed! No down time and no surgery and I achieved the results I wanted. Amazing!JG Chesapeake, VA (2013)

Coolsculpting has been a godsend for me. As I have approached the half century mark, I have realized that the same routines are not working as well at keeping me in shape. Rather than give up in frustration, I turned to coolsculpting. I started out with abdominal and love handle treatments and then was thrilled to learn that the procedure could be used on thighs! I have been exceptionally happy with the results, if for no other reason that the improvements I have enjoyed have motivated me to work a bit harder to do what I can to combat the aging process that makes weight loss so much harder than it used to be. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to treat themselves to a confidence building technique with great results. I am saving up for a couple more treatments! ADS, VA Beach, VA July 2013

“I’ve been to Associates in Plastic Surgery several times now for CoolSculpting and I couldn’t be happier!  I have had CoolSculpting done on my lower abdomen and inner thighs and it is wonderful.  I could see a difference after just one treatment on both areas, but opted to have two treatments to maximize the benefits and I’m glad I did.  CoolSculpting was money well spent and definitely delivered the results I was looking for.  It reduced areas I’ve struggled with for a lifetime and now, I don’t have to worry about them.  Thank you Lori and Associates in Plastic Surgery!  I’ll be back!” JL, June 2016

I have had 2 previous experiences taking care of loved ones who have had breast surgeries. They didn’t have the injections back then so they were in a lot of pain. I had to help them sit up and stand up all the time. They always complained that they were hurting even after taking the pain medication. When my wife had the surgery, they used the injections and she was a trooper. Her pain was non-existent. It really had exceeded my expectations and hers. She was up and down the stairs doing things around the house the night of the surgery. I am going to tell everybody to get the shots for pain because it works. JG (2013)

I am extremely pleased with the results of my Coolsculpting treatment.  After one treatment on my legs, my husband and I can see a huge difference. I intend to have more Coolsculpting on my abdomen and midrift areas. The process was easy and comfortable. Lori, the technician was great.  H.C. in Virginia Beach (2015)

denkThank you from the bottom of my heart for the care you have shown to me. Your guidance & skills have provided me with hope for a better tomorrow.CM of Virginia Beach, VA (2013)

I started Coolsculpting treatments for many reasons.  The first being I wanted to look my best for my son’s wedding.  Three months later I really saw the results that I was looking for!!  I also fit back in my jeans that I could no longer zip!! E.T. Chesapeake, VA (2015)


denk“My sincere thanks for your amazing job on my face and neck. I want to tell you every detail of what I am so happy about!” CH 2010

jacobs1Dr. Jacobs and the entire staff give SUPERIOR care to their patients. They are more than an office that pushes patients in and out of the door. They truly care and demonstrate compassion from the time you check in all the way until your follow up appointment. A lot of offices can be condescending and judgmental, but you will find none of that here. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Jenny and Felicia are exceptionally kind and compassionate and I consider them to be part of my family! Stafford, VA (2016)


denkOn the morning of my surgery I was welcomed by Dr. Denk and each of his friendly staff. I found your overnight room to be very comfortable and I appreciate how much effort Dr. Denk put into ensuring how I was doing before I left the next morning. My recuperation felt so much quicker because of spending the night and the awesome care the nurses gave me. Dr. Denk went above and beyond my expectations, and I felt incredibly well taken care of. Thank you so much for the wonderful care you and your team gave me. RW 2011

jacobs1I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Jacobs and his whole team. They are friendly and very informative about all concerns I had before my mommy makeover. Dr. Jacobs is very upfront about what he can and can’t do and never put my health at risk. He will be my surgeon for life. Please also let me commend Jenny and Felicia who are staff there. They are wonderful women and deserve a huge thanks for putting up with my endless questions. Hampton, VA (2016)


denkI wouldn’t be working unless I had my face and neck lift. It’s the best thing I ever did for myself. I have gained tremendous self-confidence from my new appearance. Dr. Denk never made me look pulled or strange. Look at my neck, it is gorgeous, still, 5 years later. ZL 2012

jacobs1Dr. Jacobs is the best plastic surgeon with a great staff!!! Virginia Beach (2016)