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Springtime is the most popular time for liposuction procedures. These have become the most popular elective cosmetic procedures performed by us. The common areas for treatment include the lower abdomen and the waist, but additional areas have become popular also. These include the medial thighs, the anterior axillary areas (in front of the armpits), the back, and flanks. The procedure is especially effective in regard to the rolls of redundant skin and extra tissues seen over the lateral portions of bra straps. In general, the procedure is done under general anesthesia to allow for maximizing the result without discomfort. Very small incisions are made and recovery period is short with return to full activity within a few days. Generally, revisional procedures are not necessary but certainly are possible. For more information about liposuction procedures, please do not hesitate to ask at our office.

Dr. Jonathan Jacobs, MD, DMD, FACS