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Skincare Products in Virginia Beach

ZO Skin Health

Introducing new advanced and effective skincare products, protocols and treatments that optimize your patients’ skin health ZO Skin Health, Inc. was launched by Dr. Zein Obagi in 2007. Dr. Obagi wanted to fulfill his dreams of focusing on skin health– to implement his ideas of 30 years ago and expand upon them with the knowledge and new principles of today. According to Dr. Obagi- “Prevention is a big part of skin health. What makes ZO Skin Health, Inc. different is our Universal Approach to Skin Health. We provide the original principles I identified 30 years ago when I started (Correction, Stimulation, and Bleaching/Blending), and the newly found principles of today, such as anti-inflammatory agents, DNA repair, barrier function enhancement, and non-hydroquinone pigment control. We have discovered in the last ten years the negative effects of inflammation and glycation, the need to enhance skin strength and increase skin ability to resist the negative effects of many external and internal factors, and the need to enhance our skin’s ability to repair damaged skin DNA. We’ve learned that sun, diet, and certain medications can create strong inflammation in skin. This inflammation leads to the disturbance of cell function and causes the skin to self-destruct. We have ingredients in our products that help mitigate inflammation triggers and we will continue to add more of them to both ZO® Medical products and ZO® Skin Health products.


Neocutis®, a leader in innovative, effective skincare, brings the precision of Swiss technology and cellular therapy research together for scientifically advanced breakthroughs in skincare. PSP® is an exclusive and proprietary ingredient to Neocutis®. Neocutis® with PSP® has been clinically proven effective to diminish the visible signs of skin aging and soothes stressed, irritated skin.