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Scar Reduction: Silicone Based Creams & Other Solutions

Scarring is a big worry for many cosmetic surgery patients. Fortunately, scar treatments have been developed to reduce the severity and duration of post-surgery scars resulting from breast augmentationbreast liftbody liftface lift,tummy tuckmommy makeovers and many other cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Methods to prevent scarring include eliminating contamination around suture lines and eliminating tension on wounds.

Some patients develop thicker scars than others dependent on their own inherent tendency to produce collagen within their scars. For these patients, topical measures may not be adequate and more aggressive treatments for scars may be appropriate. These cases may respond well to the use of steroid injections and compression devices that put pressure on the outside scar.

Current topical scar reducing treatments include silicone containing preparations and other water tight compressive dressings, silicone sheeting and intralesional solutions containing steroids that can be used to effectively diminish the red appearance of scars.

Post-cosmetic surgery scarring can be a nagging problem. Thankfully, the current methods of treatment limit the noticeability of scars, thereby significantly improving surgical outcomes. At Associates in Plastic Surgery we take every precaution necessary to reduce scarring in order to help give our patients the best possible outcome.