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Power Peel

Our very top layer of skin is called the stratum corneum.  Really, that’s just a fancy way of saying dead skin!!  We all have it.  Some of us have a slower skin cycle and although we are always shedding these skin cells, it’s done in a sort of “mosaic” pattern. Because of this uneven exfoliation, moist skin is never achieved…even with great moisturizers.  The problem with applying your expensive moisturizer to skin that is rough and dry is that it isn’t having the chance to soften those pumper cells under the stratum corneum.  If you are told you have “thin skin,” it probably means you need to get rid of the thin, dried out stratum corneum and expose the plump new cells beneath…then moisturize.

When we mention the word “peel” to our patients, they occasionally are put off by the possibility of “downtime” with potentially peeling skin over a period of time.

Well, there are certainly many levels of skin peels that can create that type of recovery.  The beauty of Power Peel is the ability of the micro dermabrasion crystals to gently resurface the top layer of skin.

At Restoration MedSpas, we take pride in combining this sophisticated technology to smooth the skin while also giving you a relaxing respite from everyday life.

Uncover the beauty of your skin.  Talk to us about Power Peel!!