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Plastic Surgery After Significant Weight Loss

It has been scientifically proven that excess body weight contributes to many other health complications, some of which are fatal. That’s why many people with excess body weight work tirelessly to eliminate the extra pound of fat. But after losing the excess weight, you might be left with excess, sagging skin in different parts of your body like the chest, upper arms, buttocks, tummy, and around your waist.

Fortunately, plastic surgeons have developed a procedure to help you get rid of excess skin. This article explains everything you need to know about plastic surgery after significant weight loss.

What Plastic Surgery Is Good After Weight Loss

As more fat accumulates in your body, your skin will be stretched further to create room for more fat. When you lose all the excess fat, your skin will be left sagging. You need to eliminate the excess skin and tighten muscles and tissues. This surgical procedure is commonly referred to as contouring.

contouring doesn’t help you lose excess weight. Rather, it’s aimed at reshaping your body by removing excess skin to give it a toned appearance. You need to lose all excess weight and get to your ideal weight before you have it. It’s also essential to keep your weight steady for at least three months before you go to contouring to minimize postoperative risks.

Why Contouring is Necessary After Weight Loss

It can be quite disappointing to work so hard to get rid of the excess pounds only to be left with layers of sagging skin on your tummy, waist, upper arms, and other body parts. The excess skin overshadows the hours you’ve spent working out and checking your diet. Therefore, you aren’t done until you get rid of the excess skin.

Contouring will help you to remove the excess skin and repair and tighten the underlying muscles and tissue for a smoother and more toned body shape. After this procedure, your overall appearance will reflect your hard work. In short, you are having plastic surgery after significant weight loss enables you to accept your new body and feel poised and happy in your overall appearance.

Many consider contouring the last step in their quest to lose weight and improve their appearance. Remember that this procedure should come at the end of your weight loss journey when you’ve attained your ideal weight.