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Do You Need Buttock Enhancement in Virginia Beach?

Associates in Plastic Surgery performs Buttock Enhancement procedures in Virginia Beach. Attention to the appearance and contour of the buttocks has become a more common focus for women of all ages. The female buttocks can lack or lose fullness and sag due to many factors, including weight loss or aging. Buttock augmentation can help to increase fullness and roundness of the buttock, improving the overall appearance of your figure.

Buttock Enhancement Candidates

Patients who are physically healthy, non-smokers may be good candidates for buttock enhancement. Those who feel that their buttock is too small, or are unhappy with the shape or flatness of their buttock can benefit from this procedure. A consultation with one of our plastic surgeons can help to determine if this procedure is right for you.

Buttock Enhancement Procedure Options

When it comes to buttock enhancement in Virginia Beach, three general approaches are applied. The appropriate technique will be chosen based on each individual’s skin elasticity, the amount of body fat available for liposculpture, and buttock size and shape.

The three approaches used at Associates in Plastic Surgery include:

Autologous Buttock Augmentation: The first option is to transfer unnecessary rolls of fat and excess skin, and strategically relocate it beneath the buttocks to add fullness and improve contour.

Liposculpture: The second option is more commonly known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift.” This is a fat grafting technique in which excess fat is gathered from areas through liposuction and then transferred into the buttocks to enhance volume and create a more desirable buttock profile. This also improves the contour of the entire trunk, as well as the waist.

Implants: Lastly, implants are appropriate in cases where the use of excess fat and skin are not an option. The implants are inserted through small, hidden incisions placed on the inner aspect of the gluteal buttock crease, adding volume and a well-rounded shape. Implants are available in multiple sizes and may be tried on during a consultation.


Following your procedure, you will need to wear a support garment to help achieve optimal healing. Exact recovery time will differ from patient to patient depending on the augmentation technique that was used. It is important to follow your surgeon’s specific post-op instructions for a safe and quick recovery. Most patients are driving, and back to work and exercising in 10-14 days.

During the consultation, the most appropriate technique will be determined to reach your individual desires. If you are interested in buttock enhancement in Virginia Beach, contact Associates in Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.

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