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Natrelle 410 by Allergan Gets FDA Approval

The latest highly cohesive silicone filled gel implants from Allergan have a teardrop shape that resemble the human breast in feel, shape and weight. With a textured surface, these implants provide more volume in the lower breasts and less volume in the upper breasts. This method helps the gel implant maintain its shape. These implants have been approved by the FDA for use in breast augmentation, reconstruction and revision surgery. The 28 new implants will be available to surgeons and their patients in October 2015.

What is a Natrelle 410 anatomically shaped implant?

It is a highly cohesive anatomically shaped breast implant which is a clear silicone gel filled within a silicone shell. The previously approved implant from Allergan was not this cohesive and now patients also have the choice of several sizes and shapes.

How do the new implants work?

These new silicone breast implants can be used for making your breasts larger during an augmentation procedure or for replacement/restoration of breast tissue during a breast reconstruction surgery. During the surgery, this implant is placed beneath the breast tissue either underneath the chest muscle or above it.

When should the Natrelle 410 be used?

These new improved implants can be used during the following procedures in women:

  • Breast augmentation – only women above 22 years of age are eligible. Additionally, it is also used during revision surgeries for improvement or correction of a previous augmentation procedure.
  • Breast reconstruction – this involves replacing breast tissue that has been removed due to a trauma or cancer or tissue that did not develop naturally due to a severe abnormality. This also includes revision procedures to correct previous reconstruction procedures.

What are the results from Natrelle 410?

Not only do these revolutionary breast implants help increase the size of your breasts, but the Natrelle 410 promises a better quality to patients and a new array of choices for surgeons.

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