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Men Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery More Often Now Than In The Past

Are you seeing men choose to undergo cosmetic surgery now than in the past? What could this be attributed to? Is there a specific demographic or age range?

Men are increasingly choosing procedures and treatments to improve their appearance and to appear youthful and energetic. I’m sure there are multiple reasons why men are more likely to choose plastic surgery, but some of the more interesting reasons that I have heard are competitiveness and the rise of social media.

In the age of “selfies,” our images are appearing across multiple outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Most users, especially amongst younger generations, post images or view their social media accounts several times per day. Many post photos of themselves participating in various activities or in social settings. Some say that this is presenting men with a different view or angle of the appearance than what they see in the mirror. Rhinoplasties (nose jobs) and otoplasties (ear pinning) are more often chosen by men, possibly due to their alternate view of their self-image and as a way to feel more confident in the pictures they choose to share within their social network.

The other motivation for men is the desire to appear younger so as to better compete with their younger colleagues in business and professional circles, as well as in romantic endeavors. Our society, unfortunately, tends to portray older individuals as less energetic and effective and to combat this stereotype, Botox, dermal fillers, blepharoplasties (eye lifts) and facelifts are often employed to restore a more youthful appearance.

In addition, as we increase awareness of obesity as a health hazard and as men and women are more successful in losing unhealthy weight, loose skin may result. Body contouring procedures to reduce loose skin are becoming more common and are another way that men may take charge of their appearance to feel more confident.

Overall, I would say that we are seeing an uptick in the number of men opting to undergo cosmetic procedures, and the stigma that may once have been attached is diminishing. Cosmetic procedures and caring for one’s appearance can be seen as another approach to men’s wellness, similar to working out and eating well.

   Before                                  After

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