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If you are familiar with Z104, then odds are you are familiar with Joe Fu. Joe recently underwent a procedure with Dr. Denk, and wants to share his transformation and story so others are able to learn about the positive impact that a procedure with Dr. Denk can have on your health and your overall life.

At one point in time, Joe was 300 pounds. Over time and through consistent hard work Joe was able to progressively lose all of that extra weight, but still could not get rid of his belly. Joe eventually met with Dr. Denk, who explained that there were other issues at play and that a procedure to fix the muscles in the stomach would help resolve the situation. On September 6th Joe had his surgery with Dr. Denk, and the results have been life-altering.

“I am so glad I made this decision and can really look at myself in the mirror and smile. Thank you so much Michael J Denk, MD, FACS!!!”
On February 13th Joe & Dr. Denk met for a follow-up. Joe was kind enough to share the experience on Facebook Live – Watch below!
Listen to a recent radio ad from Joe!
Learn more about Joe’s experience on his page here, and stay tuned for additional updates from Joe right here. If you are interested in following Joe’s lead and starting a transformation of your own, contact Dr. Denk today to schedule your consultation.