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Botox Cosmetic® in Virginia Beach

Associates in Plastic Surgery provides BOTOX® in Virginia Beach to reduce lines, and cause wrinkles or “expression” lines to virtually diminish.

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Dermal Fillers

Botox can be injected right here in our Virginia Beach office. Creases, fine lines and folds begin to appear on our faces as we age or when we get into the habit of making certain wrinkle-producing expressions. Botox® is an effective treatment to improve facial appearance without surgery. Botox® is a serum that is injected directly into muscle, causing wrinkles or “expression” lines to virtually disappear.

The treatment is beneficial for forehead lines, “frown lines” between the eyes, crow’s feet (squint lines) along sides of the eyes, and for the horizontal lines on the forehead. The effect of Botox® is temporary, lasting between 4-6 months.

Even though Botox® is not a surgical procedure, it’s very important to choose a highly experienced and qualified physician or administering nurse. Botox® does not cause allergic reactions, so a test dose is not needed.

For the past four years, Botox Cosmetic® was the most popular physician administered cosmetic procedure in the United States.