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How Is a Breast Lift Different from a Breast Augmentation?

Your breasts are a big part of what defines your femininity. However, several factors like aging, weight variations, and pregnancies can alter the appearance of your breasts. The size of your breasts also determines your overall appearance. If your breasts are too small, they’ll prevent you from wearing certain outfits. Fortunately, plastic surgery can help you to fix these problems.

The two most common types of breast surgeries are breast augmentation and breast lift. Both of them are cosmetic procedures designed to improve the appearance of your breasts. But how is a breast lift different from a breast augmentation? Read on to find out.

What’s a Breast Lift?

Medically referred to as mastopexy, a breast lift is a cosmetic surgery performed by a plastic surgeon to raise sagging breasts and restore their youthful and firm position. The procedure involves removing excess skin and fat tissue from your breasts and tightening the surrounding tissues to lift your breasts and make them steadier.

If the surgeon discovers that your areolas are enlarged, they’ll recommend a breast lift to reduce them. Your breasts can drop because of age, pregnancy, weight loss, breastfeeding, etc. When your breasts fall, they leave you with a flat chest, preventing you from making a fashion statement with your favorite outfits. This also affects your self-esteem because you are always self-conscious of your sagging breasts.

Fortunately, a breast lift can help you fix this problem permanently by raising your breasts and giving you a youthful and firm appearance. A successful breast lift will restore your breasts to their feminine and youthful position. This procedure also repositions your nipples and areolas to improve the overall appearance of your breasts.

What’s a Breast Augmentation?

Medically referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery performed by a plastic surgeon to enhance the volume of your breasts, make them proportional, and boost your self-confidence and image. This procedure is also done to reconstruct breasts after injury or mastectomy.

In most cases, breast augmentation involves the placement of breast implants under your breast tissue or chest muscles to increase the volume and size of your small breasts. Breast implants are sacs filled with sterile salt water, commonly referred to as saline or the synthetic material known as silicone.

This procedure can also involve the transfer of fat from other parts of your body to your breasts. The transfer of fat to your breasts to increase their volume and enhance their shape is commonly referred to as fat transfer breast augmentation. For both procedures, choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.