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Fat Injections

Autologous fat transfers have become commonplace in plastic surgery. They are useful in multiple areas and provide dramatic long-term corrections. They have supplanted the use of deep injections of filler materials about the face for correction of the signs of aging. They are especially useful in the nasolabial folds, in the tear troughs and in the areas of the cheeks and directly over the cheek bones. They are frequently used under the brows for enhancement. The full face is a youthful face and fat injections are a way to improve appearance with minimal surgery.

At the same time, the use of fat injections for breasts both in cosmetic breast surgery and in breast reconstruction is frequent and certainly the well known use of fat injections for augmenting the buttocks is similarly commonplace. These grafts of fat tend to last for long periods of time, sometimes permanent and then provide simple solutions to problems that were otherwise difficult to address.

We are only limited in regard to our imaginations and the amount of donor tissue as to how fat injections may improve our patients’ appearances over the long term. Contact us today to see how we can help you!