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Facts About Neck Lifts

As you age, your neck will accumulate excess fat, giving you a double chin. Fortunately, you can quickly get rid of your double chin with a simple neck lift. If you don’t know what’s a neck lift, read on to learn about it.

What’s a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a cosmetic surgery performed by a plastic surgeon to remove excess skin and fat from your neck and jawline. This procedure aims to restore your youthful appearance by giving your neck and jawline a well-defined shape. Unlike other cosmetics, a neck lift offers instant results that you’ll enjoy for many years.

Facts About a Neck Lift

Before you go for a neck lift, you need to familiarize yourself with the entire procedure to know how it works and what to expect. Here are some essential facts about a neck lift procedure.

It Addresses Many Facial Appearance Issues

Aging causes loose, drooping skin and wrinkles. So, the skin under your chin will sag and develop wrinkles, so fat will accumulate under the sagging skin, creating a double chin. A neck lift helps you eliminate excess skin and fat around your neck and jawline. Once excess skin and fat have been removed, the surgeon tightens the muscles and underlying tissues to keep your neck and jawline well-defined.

This procedure also deals with the problem of muscle banding in your neck, which causes abnormal contouring. The loss of facial and neckline contours is attributed to many factors, including genes, gravity, environment, stress, and age. But whatever the cause, you can address the problem with a simple neck lift.

It Removes Signs of Aging

Although a neck lift doesn’t slow down your body’s natural aging process, it helps restore your youthful appearance by tightening the skin and tissues around your neck to remove the double chin and wrinkles. By getting rid of the excess skin and fat, a neck lift slows down the appearance of aging signs, keeping you looking youthful for a long time.

It Requires Anesthesia

A neck lift procedure may require local anesthesia, depending on the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed. The procedure involves a small incision behind your ear and under your chin to remove fat and excess skin. The loose muscles and tissues are tightened, and the incisions are closed with stitches.