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Facial Implants in Virginia Beach

Enhance your facial features and define your natural beauty with a Facial Implants consultation at Associates In Plastic Surgery. Our skilled surgeons specialize in creating harmonious, balanced facial profiles through the expert placement of facial implants. Whether you’re interested in augmenting your cheeks, chin, or jawline, we’ll tailor a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired look. Rediscover your confidence with a more defined and sculpted appearance. Request a consultation with us today and take the first step towards your enhanced beauty.

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Having a fat grafting procedure can dramatically improve the appearance, helping to enhance facial features, reshape the waistline and even rejuvenate the hands. Liposuction is not only useful for the removal of fat but can also be used for transferring fat. The reason for this is that fat has many likable qualities for certain applications.
Transplanting fat for cosmetic purposes has been popular since the 1980′s, long before currently popular fillers were developed. Technologies for harvesting and placing fat have grown in sophistication over the past 10 to 15 years. Fat grafting has proved to be safe, reliable and long-lasting.

What it can do for you!

By inserting your body fat into selected areas, it actually takes on the same texture of the tissue in which it is injected. Metabolic changes occur that result in improvements in appearance, contour and skin quality over a period of months. Fat cells contain stem cells and a number of growth factors that enhance their performance when compared to other fillers used today. As the blood supply to the fat is formalized, the overlying skin’s complexion and color can undergo remarkable changes. A fat graft procedure can enhance both one’s appearance and self-image, helping one to feel more confident.