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Exploring Facial Rejuvenation Options

Our world is often deluged with advertisements for the latest diet pill, lotions and potions to create a ‘better us!’  Well, I don’t have to get preachy here to have all of you understand that the ‘better you’ is far beyond what you look at in the mirror.  Facial rejuvenation options need to be analyzed and evaluated for their effectiveness before going ahead with them.  The trick to facial rejuvenation is to pursue it with a better understanding of how to approach change, and realizing this can sometimes take time to reach the best outcome.

When consulting with my patients, I enjoy the process of directing them to what will make the greatest change in their appearance in the shortest amount of time. This is intended to also include the least expense possible.

As a practitioner, and one that has been lucky enough to have started this career of non-surgical rejuvenation options from a surgical perspective, I have a global concept of how to approach rejuvenation.  Many of my patients want to come in for a ‘quick fix’ they have seen advertised.  I have been known to say an emphatic “NO” to those requests, and instead talk about greater gain for the long haul.

So, below you will see just a cursory outline for a possible approach if you are thinking about improvement in your appearance.  Remember, everyone is different.  Your steps may be slightly different because of social obligations, financial limitations and your personal focus.  Giving your practitioner carte blanche however, can streamline you into this fabulous world of aging.

Step One:  Take care of yourself from the start…



The normal often discussed is 8/8oz glasses of H20 a day.  If this seems overwhelming, just start grabbing a glass when you think about it.  Carbonated drinks and alcohol actually dehydrate.  So if you indulge, you must drink more water to compensate.  Runners, you need more water!

Sun Block

Please acknowledge that the act of “putting on” sunscreen does not always constitute blocking out the sun.  If you are getting a burn, or even a tan, this translates to skin damage.  It changes the DNA.  UVA rays create a breakdown of the collagen layer and this translates to wrinkling.  The UVB damage is obvious in what comes out in our blotchy skin coloring.

 There are amazing sun blocks on the market today.  Feel free to ask your skin care professional.


We’re a world filled with junk food addicts!!  It’s been my observation over the years that people who gain and lose weight frequently confuse their metabolism, and subsequently age at a faster rate.  Maintain your weight and keep those ‘drive-ins’ out of your life as much as possible.  It’s not rocket science to know that fresh ‘everything’ is better for our bodies.  If a food item can stay in the pantry for 10 years and still be edible, YIKES!!!!   I love sugar as much as anyone else….but not enough to risk my health.  Moderate your sugar intake (remember, I didn’t say eliminate).


Mental clarity is just one of the benefits from regular exercise.  The lifting of our spirits can give us an ‘instant’ facelift!

Other obvious benefits are strengthening our muscles, toning the skin, and oxygenating our cells.  It hurts while it’s happening, but feels so good when it’s over!  Brisk walking is a possibility for almost everyone.  Always check with your doctor before you start a rigorous exercise program.  Just moving makes all the difference.

Step Two:  Discuss options in Skin Rejuvenation that will last you a life time.


Skin Care

As stated above, sunscreens and sun blocks are your first ‘go-to’ beauty product.  Depending on your skin type, including color, your age and skin condition, you may need to step up your game in terms of product use or consider a skin procedure.  This can be anything from continuing your already great routine to undergoing medium to deep peeling or even laser treatments.

The long term benefits of keeping your skin healthy can not only save you in terms of discomfort from ‘needle sticks’, it can also be kinder to your wallet.  There is no doubt in my mind that young looking skin gives one a more youthful glow that no injection ever could…and it doesn’t wear off!

Step Three:  Discuss options for sculpting a great pallet (your beautiful skin)


Fillers and Botox

By far these two little miracles can give a person the quickest ‘fix’ in the rejuvenation world.  There is nothing I enjoy more that seeing the look on someone’s face when they realize their down-turned mouth is suddenly up or they are no longer told ‘how tired’ they look to their friends and co-workers.  These two products can be used in conjunction with the above suggestions.  Sometimes getting a “quick fix” can inspire people to eat better, exercise, take care of their skin, etc.  And ultimately, if there is a special occasion approaching, these may certainly be the options of choice.


While not in the ‘quick fix’ category, lasers are fundamental for changing lines, scars on the skin that are not “fillable” or cannot be lessened by Botox treatments.  Consider these an option when there is more time on your schedule to recover.  This will also be an option that will give you longevity in its outcome.

Surgical Options

It is fundamental for every skin care professional to have association with competent surgeons.  This is obviously because the time may come for every patient to consider invasive approaches to rejuvenation.  I have been so fortunate over my career to be mentored and work alongside outstanding surgeons.  I have known the surgeons of Associates in Plastic Surgery for over 30 years.  It is of great benefit to me to be able to send my patients to these outstanding and well respected surgeons. I know they will treat each person with tender and capable care.

Any variation of these suggestions is always possible.  Consider your own rejuvenation plan for the very best you!!!!


Joyce Black, RN, CPSN