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Dr. Jacobs Testimonials

“For the best reason of all…none. Thank you Dr. Jacobs for the many years of your support, Felicia, for your kindness, friendship, and smile. Jenny for your everything you do. You all are beats of my heart. These sunflowers are from my heart. With much love”

-Norfolk Florist (2017)

“Dr. Jacobs and his entire staff have been so helpful throughout my surgery – I went into his office with a mind set of fear and came out of his office so relieved. His advice and attention was beyond helpful. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone just thinking about improving themselves.”

KL (2015)

“When I had my breast augmentation, the one thing I was dreading was the pain and discomfort after having the procedure. [The doctor] told me about Exparel, a pain management analgesic and I opted to use it. Well, it was unbelievable. I was not in any pain after the procedure. I could not believe it. [The doctor did a great job and with Exparel my recovery was a breeze!”

JG (2013)

“Dr. Jacobs and the entire staff give SUPERIOR care to their patients. They are more than an office that pushes patients in and out of the door. They truly care and demonstrate compassion from the time you check in all the way until your follow up appointment. A lot of offices can be condescending and judgmental, but you will find none of that here. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Jenny and Felicia are exceptionally kind and compassionate and I consider them to be part of my family!”

Stafford, VA (2016)

“I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Jacobs and his whole team. They are friendly and very informative about all concerns I had before my mommy makeover. Dr. Jacobs is very upfront about what he can and can’t do and never put my health at risk. He will be my surgeon for life. Please also let me commend Jenny and Felicia who are staff there. They are wonderful women and deserve a huge thanks for putting up with my endless questions.”

Hampton, VA (2016)

“Dr. Jacobs is the best plastic surgeon with a great staff!!!”

Virginia Beach (2016)