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How Do I Know If I Need a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is common place for the correction of drooping or hanging breasts. This can be the result of pregnancies, weight changes, large breasts, or the natural aging process. In general, the procedures for correction are designed to return the nipple areolar position to one on the chest that is not drooping or hanging. For most women, measuring from the collar bone to the nipple areolar position will determine whether or not breast ptosis, or hanging, is present. Normal value would range from 19 to 20 cm. If that distance is excessive, then correction is appropriate.

For postoperative or weight loss patients, there can sometimes be attenuation of the distance from the nipple areolas to the chest, called bottoming out. If this occurs, a simple correction Do I Need a Breast Liftinferior to the nipple areolas may be possible.

In any event, only by careful consultation of all options can an appropriate course of treatment be reached. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!