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Facts About Neck Lifts

As you age, your neck will accumulate excess fat, giving you a double chin. Fortunately, you can quickly get rid of your double chin with a simple neck lift. If you don’t know what’s a neck lift, read on to learn about it. What’s a Neck Lift? A neck lift is a cosmetic surgery performed … Read more

How Are Breast Augmentations Done?

A woman’s breasts are one of the physical representations of her femininity. As such, there are instances where someone might want to make adjustments to enhance her look. And, with modern technology, it is possible to have the breast size and shape you desire through a safe cosmetic surgical procedure known as breast augmentation. But … Read more

Plastic Surgery After Significant Weight Loss

It has been scientifically proven that excess body weight contributes to many other health complications, some of which are fatal. That’s why many people with excess body weight work tirelessly to eliminate the extra pound of fat. But after losing the excess weight, you might be left with excess, sagging skin in different parts of … Read more

How Is a Breast Lift Different from a Breast Augmentation?

Your breasts are a big part of what defines your femininity. However, several factors like aging, weight variations, and pregnancies can alter the appearance of your breasts. The size of your breasts also determines your overall appearance. If your breasts are too small, they’ll prevent you from wearing certain outfits. Fortunately, plastic surgery can help … Read more

Dr. Jacobs Receives America’s Most Honored Doctors – Top 10% Award

Dr. Jonathan S. Jacobs awarded America’s Most Honored Doctors 2022 – Top 10% by American’s Most Honored for the Virginia Beach, VA region in 2022. As a Virginia Beach Board Certified plastic surgeon specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery & Breast Augmentation, Dr. Jonathan Jacobs, was nominated an America’s Most Honored Doctors 2022 – Top 10%, … Read more

How Can Coolsculpting Help My Body

Even after many months of dieting and exercising, you might still notice stubborn fat pockets in different parts of your body like your tummy, and upper arms, thighs, love handles, etc. This can leave you depressed and hopeless. But with cool sculpting, you can easily get rid of the stubborn fat and get the silhouette … Read more

What Does It Mean for a Surgeon to Be Board-Certified?

The boom in cosmetic surgery has increased the number of plastic surgeons advertising themselves as plastic surgeons. But not everyone is qualified and experienced enough to perform plastic surgery. Therefore, you need to check the credentials of your preferred plastic surgeon to ensure they meet the standards to operate on you. This article explains everything … Read more