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Upper Eyelid Surgery: Enhancing Vision and Appearance

Upper Eyelid Surgery

While plastic surgery often brings to mind the aspiration to meet certain societal standards of beauty, it also serves a critical role in improving essential functionality and quality of life for many individuals. One such procedure to consider is upper eyelid surgery, a popular choice at Associates in Plastic Surgery located in Virginia Beach, VA. … Read more

Lower Eyelid Surgery Benefits: Addressing Under-Eye Concerns

lower eyelid surgery benefits

Do you struggle with under-eye bags or wrinkles, feeling like they’re causing you to appear older or more fatigued than you really are? Fret no more. Lower eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, might be precisely the treatment you’re seeking. Lower eyelid surgery benefits are real. At Associates in Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, we … Read more

Will I Really Have Better Range of Vision After an Eyelid Lift?

As we grow old, our bodies undergo major physical changes, most of which limit our ability to work and live normal lives. One of these transformations is the sagging eyelid skin. Heavy eyelids block your vision and affect your ability to perform your daily activities effectively. The good thing is that this condition can be … Read more