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What is “Career-Extending” Plastic Surgery?

“Any man’s afraid he’s going to get bumped out by someone younger in his business or
personal life,” a patient of mine recently shared. He admitted that his clients and co-workers
express concern about their “employability” and “social capital” as they age, and how the
perception of being an older individual affects them in both the workplace and within personal

Another male patient told me during his recent plastic surgery consultation that the visit was
prompted by his wife, who is 10 years younger. He said, “I feel like I have to have something
done with my neck and eyelids, just so people don’t ask me if my kids are my grandchildren!”
Men are more self-conscious about their appearance than ever and have realized that eating
right and working out aren’t always enough to look as young as they feel.

So, what is the remedy for maintaining a competitive edge well into your 40s, 50s, 60s and
beyond? One option is cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures. More so now than in the past, men are open to the idea of cosmetic enhancements or corrections. Individuals ranging from their late 20s and into their 70s are having a multitude of procedures done to stay competitive. Our most common cosmetic options for men include Botox, liposuction, eyelid surgery, otoplasty (ear surgery), removal of gynecomastia (male breast tissue) and neck and facelifts, though other procedures are also employed depending on a man’s specific concerns.

Prominent businessmen and professionals may be the “face of a company” and their company’s
success may be directly linked to their appearance or attractiveness. The reality is that we as a
society are inherently biased toward an individual’s outward presentation. “Looking the part”
certainly has its place at work and in play.

We focus on procedures or surgeries with minimal downtime and help make men look the
best they can without a long recovery. With the summer season approaching, men want to be
confident at the beach, pool-side and on the golf course, and correction of gynecomastia
(removal of breast tissue and fat) is an option to make this possible.

It also appears that “Brotox” is here to stay. Botox injections and fillers can soften a stern
appearance, diminish frown lines, lift fallen eyebrows and drooping corners of your mouth.
The secret’s out- cosmetic surgery is not just for women.

Men want to feel more confident and look more attractive too. Listen to Ken L., the gentleman who was worried about being called a grandfather: “Doc, I can’t believe how good I look. It’s like you’ve turned the clock back 10-15 years. I now look as good as I feel!”

   Before                                  After

Here are two quick examples of men procedures completed