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Buttock Enhancement – Long Lasting Results

body (8)Recent advancements in surgery have made buttocks enhancement very popular. The most common technique is direct transfer of the patient’s own fatty tissue by injection. Fat is harvested from donor areas on the body that are out of contour, most commonly the abdomen or areas over the greater trochanters (saddle bags). That fat can then be concentrated and injected into the buttocks area to create a shapely appearance.

In recent years, buttocks enhancements have been embraced by celebrities and beauty conscious people in foreign countries, most notably Brazil. With the results of fat transfer techniques becoming more dependable, these long-lastingbuttocks enhancement procedures will only continue to increase in popularity.

For the patient desiring dramatic changes in buttocks size and shape, there are a variety of buttock implant sizes available. These implants can be placed either beneath the dense tissue called the “fascia” over the muscle of the gluteal region. The results will improve the appearance of the buttocks by enhancing shape and contour. Possible complications although rare, are similar to that for breast implants, where significant scarring around the implant can occur or in worst case scenario, the implant must be removed due to bacterial contamination.

In some patients, especially those with massive weight loss due to bariatric surgery, it may be possible to enhance the buttocks through a “flap” approach – where harvested fat tissues from the lower back and upper buttocks are used to add contour and volume to the lower regions of the gluteals. These flaps both lift and enhance shape with long-lasting results.

In conclusion, buttocks enhancement is a popular and much-performed procedure. So no matter what technique is chosen, autologous fat transfer, implants or flaps, you can be assured predictable results.