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The 2 Most Common Questions Regarding Cosmetic Breast Surgery

The 2 Most Common Questions Regarding Cosmetic Breast Surgery

The 2 Most Common Questions Regarding Cosmetic Breast Surgery:

Here are the two most frequently asked cosmetic breast surgery related questions and the responses from industry leading doctors:

It’s no secret that cosmetic breast surgery is one of the most popular procedures for women to undergo, with over 290,000 augmentations performed in the US in 2016 alone. Patients seeking breast augmentation surgery often ask similar questions during the early stages of their research and in their consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons. In this article, we hope to provide answers to two of the most frequently asked questions.

Question 1: Am I A Good Candidate?

Breast implants have been used with every different type of female breast, and if you are in good health and at a stable weight, you are most likely a good candidate for this procedure.

An obvious candidate would be a woman with small breasts or someone who is looking to increase the fullness of the upper portion of their breasts (we call this upper-pole fullness). Upper-pole fullness is a common request, especially from women who have experienced deflation of breast tissue from pregnancy, weight loss or with age.

Some women who already have large breasts but wish for a fuller upper-pole may also benefit from breast implants along with a reduction and/or lift. For this type of patient, a procedure called a “plus-minus” can be performed where excess breast tissue is removed from the bottom of the breast and an implant is added for fullness at the top.

Question 2: How Can I Get The Most Natural Results?

Most women opting to get breast implants want to look like themselves, only better. Getting a natural result will be determined by several factors- two of the more important factors include the size and position of the natural breast and the size of the implant being used.

It is difficult to make a naturally full breast look “fake.” It is more of a challenge to make very small breasts appear natural since very little breast tissue is available to act as camouflage to some of the more unnatural elements of the implant itself. Some of the newer anatomic shaped implants can be helpful in this circumstance.

The skill and experience of your plastic surgeon will allow them to help you choose the implant style and size that will create the most pleasing result.

If you are considering a breast augmentation or any type of cosmetic breast surgery, it’s best to receive careful consultation of all options to help determine the appropriate course of treatment. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!

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