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Silicone or Saline Implants?

Silicone or Saline Implants?

It has been 10 years since the silicone gel implants were released back for general use for breast augmentation. They have been available for breast reconstruction consistently. Now we have access to both silicone gel implants and saline implants.

saline or silicone breast implants_virginia_beach_plastic_surgeonsThe saline implant is now less commonly chosen by the patients as a consequence of a texture which is less breast-like. A new saline implant, called the Ideal Implant, has been developed to be more natural-appearing and have a lesser rate of duration losing the effect of the augmentation almost overnight. There has been an almost year by year increase in the different types of silicone gel implants and they now come with smooth and texture surface. They can be either round or now anatomically shaped. They have a silicone material that fills in either similar to gelatin or a type that is even often times compared to the candy known as a Gummy Bear. These implants have given us much more laterality in choosing the implant that will be most appropriate for any specific patient’s needs. They also need more options in dealing with different body habitus.

-Dr. Alspaugh

  • Lisa Turner
    Lisa Turner

    Hands down this is the most amazing plastic surgery office! No haggling and Dr. Jacobs will not perform a surgery if the scar exceeds the benefit. His words exactly which is exactly what I want to know ahead of time not after the surgery is done. Dr. Jacobs is a phenomenal surgeon and I trust him 150%. Felecia his nurse is as wonderful as Dr. Jacobs!!

  • I visited Dr. Johnathan Jacob's Office to see about getting a Lipoma removed from my upper left shoulder. After meeting Dr. Jacob's he discussed with me what needed to be done to remove it. I was very happy with the surgery and how good a surgeon he is. I was very satisfied with the procedure and the outcome. I was happy with his staff also they took good care of me. ???

  • Karolyn Lea
    Karolyn Lea

    I am very pleased with Dr. Alspaugh and staff. I appreciate his honesty and his ability to give good advice. He was very professional and made sure I was comfortable. I’m looking forward to working hard and encouraged to start on this new journey to improve my look and my health...all in one. He’s so amazing.

  • Charity Wilder
    Charity Wilder

    Felicia is the absolute BEST. If you enjoy the feeling when people say, “You look too young to have a 19 year old.” Then book an appointment with Felicia immediately. She’s the sweetest human being on the planet and excellent at her job.

  • Love the staff!! They are so friendly and take time with you to really listen to your needs. Highly recommend!!

  • Julie Jackson
    Julie Jackson

    'My experiences at Associates in Plastic Surgery have all been outstanding. I have been a patient for more than 10 years. Dr. John Alspaugh is pleasant, patient and very informative. He listens to you and your concerns. I am always very happy with the results. Cheryl, his nurse is amazing! Go see her! She is sweet and knowledgeable. She eases my nerves and answers all of my questions and concerns. She even makes me laugh. Wonderful, caring staff.