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Breast Implant Contamination Prevention

These days, when performing breast augmentation surgeries, plastic surgeons take every precaution necessary to prevent breast implant infections caused by bacterial contamination. That’s why infections after breast augmentation with implants are rare. Encapsulation is commonly caused by bacterial contamination. The current rate of occurrence of encapsulation is low, perhaps less than 5%. If a breast implant becomes encapsulated it may be because bacteria have caused the body to form tissues around the breast that harden. When this happens, removing the implant and redoing the surgery may be a wise option.

Here are a couple of wabreast (2)ys our doctors successfully prevent bacterial contamination:

• Triple Antibiotic Solution: This is one of the proven methods to prevent the infectious bacterial process and lower the possibility of encapsulation. It’s a common practice in breast implant surgery to use copious amounts of triple antibiotic solution within the pockets where the implants will be placed. This solution is used to irrigate the pockets from bacteria on a routine basis during surgery.

• Keller Funnel: The Keller Funnel is a device frequently used with gel implants. It allows for the implant to be placed in the body without touching skin’s surface, this may help prevent contamination. At the same time, every effort is made to change gloves prior to touching implants, again preventing contamination.
We at Associates in Plastic Surgery care about our patient’s safety and wellbeing, that’s why we use every measure to eliminate the potential causes for encapsulation of implants.