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Brazilian Butt Lift – is it Worth It?

Does my butt look big? A decade ago saying yes to this questions would have left many women a little upset. Nowadays, that trend has dramatically changed to wanting a perfectly sculpted, rounder back-side. However, sometimes these curvy figures cannot be obtained by simple butt workouts. As opposed to adding implants to give you a more prominent buttocks, have you considered a Brazilian Butt Lift?

How Does it Work?

Brazilian Butt LiftA Brazilian Butt Lift is a butt augmentation surgery that uses fat from other areas of your body by combining liposuction and injections to lift and enhance your backside. The fat can be taken from your back, waist, stomach, thighs or arms and is then filtered. The fat is then injected through a small incision into the muscle and fatty layers of your buttocks.

Is it worth it?

The answer to this question depends on your desired end results. Many choose this procedure for a rounder, curvier figure because you can remove fat from problem areas and put that fat into an area that you actually want it in. By removing the fat from your tummy, back, or thighs, you will have a smaller waist and a more shapely buttocks.
In addition, fat transfer allows for natural substances to be reintroduced to the body. This will give it a natural feel. Here is a quick list of additional pros to a Brazilian Butt Lift:

–Small liposuction injections with minimal scarring

–Your body will not reject it

–Only 2 weeks of downtime

–No risk of migrating or shifting implant

If you would like to improve your body shape with a fuller buttocks and a smaller waist, a Brazilian Butt Lift may be just the procedure for you. Contact Associates in Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, Virginia today to schedule your consultation!