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Botox or Facelift: Which is Right for You?

Botox or Facelift Blog

Botox has become the most popular non-invasive procedure used for correction of facial lines and wrinkles. It is extraordinarily effective in the area around the eyes and forehead. Used sparingly around the mouth, it can be effective especially when combined with dermal fillers for the treatment of vertical lip lines.

However, when there is excessive skin folding or drooping as in the development of jowls or redundancies of skin around the neck, a surgical procedure for correction is appropriate. These procedures are commonly used in patients who have had Botox and filler treatment for years, and they are becoming less and less effective. The nature of the modern facelift procedure is that it is exactly tailored to that patient’s specific area of correction. The procedures are generally a short-scar or mini lift, and can be combined with procedures about the neck for tightening loose skin.

Only by consultation and consideration of all options can an appropriate course of action be determined. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.