A Better You

We asked Dr. Denk, What can we do to achieve a brighter and younger face?

Enjoy the summer, smartly! Apply sunscreen often and generously. Limit your time in the sun because too much sun can accelerate aging affects.

Diminish your wrinkles and frown lines with a Botox® treatment. Aging is inevitable, but Dr. Denk has safely been brightening faces with Botox® treatments for over 11 years!

Lift up your eyebrows or eyelids to make your face younger. An upper eyelid lift is a safe, minor cosmetic procedure that can take years off of your appearance. Hundreds of people from a variety of ages have gotten this done and love their brighter look!

Enjoy the rest of the summer! Dr. Denk will take care of you from when you’re 30 to when you’re 90. If you look older than you feel, schedule a consultation with him today.

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