4 Things You Must Know About Tummy Tucks and Liposuction

4 Things You Must Know About Tummy Tucks and Liposuction

Considering a tummy tuck? A Tummy Tuck procedure, also known as an abdominoplasty, involves a number of factors you should know about prior to making the decision. Here are 4 things you need to know prior to going into for a treatment.

1 – How Do You Identify The Results You Want?

A Tummy Tuck or Liposuction may be the best option for you to get the toned stomach you desire, but not all body types are the same. Most patients simply want to return to as flat an appearance of the stomach as possible. By scheduling a consult with your surgeon, you can determine what to expect from the procedure and decide upon the best course of action for your unique body type. This way you don’t end up with results you weren’t expecting.

2 – What Are Areas That Can Have Liposuction With An Abdominoplasty

Liposuction can be applied almost circumferentially around the torso at the time of an abdominoplasty as well as on the thighs depending on your goals for the surgery. Many people choose to do this in order to have the full area targeted and mirroring the improvements made from the abdominoplasty.

3 – When Is The Best Time To Have This Surgery?

Fall or Winter are generally considered the best time to have this procedure performed. Doing so allows the body to mend in time for warm weather protecting scars from sun exposure. Many patients also prefer this to avoid the visible scars during warm weather seasons – allowing these scars to be fully covered and healed in time for the warm weather.

Although an improvement in appearance is evident soon after surgery, it can take between four and six months to appreciate all of the benefits. In order to look and feel your best for beach season, it is ideal to plan ahead and have the surgery in the cooler months.

4 – How Long Does It Take To Return To Work/Normal Activity After This Procedure?

For sedentary occupations, return to work can be somewhere between a minimum of one to three weeks. For more vigorous occupations, it may take three to four weeks. It should be noted that those who are candidates for skin-only abdominoplasties have quicker recoveries.

However, for the majority of patients who have a standard abdominoplasty, the abdominal muscles are tightened. These muscles can separate due to pregnancy or injury and can leave you with a weak midsection. Tightening them, called plication, restores them to a more natural position. Because the abdominals make up your core and are used all the time, recovery after tightening them takes longer.

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To Provide Some Expectations Of Results, Here Are Examples of Recent Tummy Tuck Procedures Performed By The Doctors At Associates In Plastic Surgery:

   Before                                  After

Abdominoplasty-Before-Dr-Alspaugh-Plastic-Surgeon-Virginia-Beach-1   Abdominoplasty-Before-Dr-Alspaugh-Plastic-Surgeon-Virginia-Beach-2

Abdominoplasty-Tummy-Tuck-Dr-Alspaugh-Virginia-Beach-VA-1   Abdominoplasty-Tummy-Tuck-Dr-Alspaugh-Virginia-Beach-VA-2

Here are two other similar procedures

Pre-Op-Abdominoplasty-Tummy-Tuck-Virginia-Beach-VA2  Post-Op-Abdominoplasty-Tummy-Tuck-Virginia-Beach-VA2

Pre-Op-Abdominoplasty-Tummy-Tuck-Virginia-Beach-VA1         Post-Op-Abdominoplasty-Tummy-Tuck-Virginia-Beach-VA1



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